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Gazoo! v0.9 Released - Backups, Baby!

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Never loose another file again!!!

Gazoo! is a command-line backup tool for Linux/UNIX-based systems that mimics the efficient slickness of Apple's TimeMachine Backup system! It's based on rsync and using the techniques described in "Time Machine for every Unix out there".

In Gazoo!, it it has been refined into a command with consistent options and recoverability from errors and interruptions.

Gazoo! is licensed under the GPL 3. Yeah, Baby! :>>


:yes: DOWNLOAD: gazoo-0.9.tgz :yes:

What is Apple's TimeMachine?

Apple's TimeMachine let's you connect a USB drive to a Mac and backup things hourly so that the USB drive has the state of the backuped drive over time.

For more deltails, check out the summary about Apple's TimeMachine on the Apple website.

Let's setup backups for our home directory!

  1. Download gazoo-0.9.tgz and place it into your $PATH.
  2. Get a resonably big external USB hard drive. Format it using a Linux file system and give it some kind of label. Why do you want to do this? Well, when you plug in the drive, wouldn't you like it if it always mounted using the same pathname? Of course you would. Check the man page for your file system formating command for details. :). If you run into problems, feel free to ask for help. :)

    Let's say that after your done, the label for the disk is "mydisk" and that it is mounted as "/media/mydisk".

  3. Let's get the disk ready for use...

    1. $ su root
    2. # cd /media/mydisk
    3. # mkdir GazooBackups
    4. # chmod 1777 GazooBackups
    5. # exit
  4. Now let's do our first full backup of our home directory. We want to give this backup set it's own top-level name... let's call it "my-home-dir"...
    1. $ mkdir /media/mydisk/GazooBackups/my-home-dir

    2. $ gazoo ${HOME} /media/mydisk/GazooBackups/my-home-dir

Gazoo! will report how long it takes to do the backup. The first time will take a while because it is the first backup. You will notice that in the directory /media/mydisk/GazooBackups/my-home-dir there will be a directory called "moment-YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS". You will also see a soft-link called "current". This soft like will ALWAYS point to whatever was the last successful backup.

After it finishes, rerun the exact same Gazoo command and it will return much more quickly. This is because the first backup was the FULL BACKUP -- all subsequent backups are INCREMENTAL BACKUPS.

But each directory is actually a complete representation of the filesystem as it appeared at the time of the backup. :)

Try it again a day later, and unless you updated every single copy of every file in the source directory, it will run much faster than the first day.

Currently, I backup a 2GB development directory in about 30-40 seconds. Your mileage may vary. ;)

Oh! You are want to exclude some directories from the backup, too! For example, let's say you don't want to backup anything in the "Trash" nor the "Beagle" search cache? You can use the "--exclude" option like this:

$ gazoo --exclude '.Trash' --exclude '.beagle' ${HOME} /media/mydisk/GazooBackups/my-home-dir

Now, you see how it works!

For now, I'll leave it up to you to insert the command into your crontab and go to town with it.

Have fun!

:yes: DOWNLOAD: gazoo-0.9.tgz :yes:


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