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fp [Visitor]
Thanks, I like this post it is very good and informative. I am sure that this post will be very helpful.
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Clint [Visitor]
Your article rocks. Thank you for sharing.
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Gregory C

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Gregory C [Visitor]
Hello David.

It seems that your time spent in Japan has been very interesting to say the least.
It seems I am the last link from our JPN class.

You planning on casting a ballot this election year?

Well, write me 3 me email when you get a chance.

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david [Member]
Sometimes I eat fish for breakfast.

But when I lived in America, I never ate fish for breakfast. I usually liked to a fried egg sandwich or a bagel. :-D
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david [Member]
Your in luck, it turns out that they have an archive of The Archies newspaper comic strip is online!

Check it out at
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Hanae [Visitor]
Hi !?Good evening. It is a first time to read this comic.
It is interesting. I want to read more. And I want to read
this with my students.
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Uchida [Visitor]
I like miso soup!
Do you like fish for breakfast?
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david [Member]
I like miso soup, but never for breakfast!
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Hiroki [Visitor]
Good morning.
Today is sunny.
I ate miso soup today. Do you like miso soup?
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