Golden Week: 手塚治虫・江戸東京博物館

(2009/04/30 03:57)


If you are in Tokyo for Golden Week and you love manga or anime, you might want to go to see the Tezuka Osamu exhibit at the Edo Tokyo Museum (手?治虫・江??京博物?).

I found a great manga there called "Zero-man". Have you ever heard of it? 手?治虫の「ゼロマン」を?いたことがありますか?その前に私は?いたことがありませんでした。

Zero-man manga covers

Until then, I'd never heard of it. But because of the museum show, I bought it! And it is GREAT!. I love it! If you love Astroboy (?腕アトム), then you will love Zero-man!

Visit the museum website: 手?治虫・江??京博物?!

Have fun!!!!

LESSON: Obama's Victory Speech

(2009/04/23 15:51)

This is Obama's Victory Speech from November 4, 2008. For class we will use the beginning of the speech. Try to watch the video and read the English version. Also, look at the Japanese version. If you have questions, ask!!

Read it! Read it!


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